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Raining Frogs & Heart Attacks by Frank Crimi

Raining Frogs & Heart Attacks

by Frank Crimi

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raining frogs & heart attacks

I’m sure that when a person descends into madness, it comes along gradually and doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t seem reasonable to think you go to bed—faculties intact—and then find yourself the next morning in your underwear, standing in front of your house, yelling at the mailbox.

I’m not certain when the actual moment of my own descent occurred, the point at which I lost all semblance of my true identity, but it may have started around the time I lost my job. Prior to that moment, I was a sharp guy wearing a suit and tie who got up early each morning to wage the corporate battle. The next thing I knew, I sat clad in a stained bathrobe, clipping coupons at my kitchen table. When Frank Crimi lost his job after years in the corporate world, he also lost himself. After a time of uncertainty and a bit of fumbling, he decided to fulfill his lifelong goal: become a writer. A collection of honest, hilarious, and emotional stories, Raining Frogs and Heart Attacks will draw you in and consistently entertain you as Frank chronicles his quest to change his life at midstream and achieve his dream. You’ll laugh at the unexpected twists and turns in Frank’s journey and discover what unexpected pleasures can arise when you follow your dreams—even later in life. As you read through the collection of essays, both humorous and uplifting, you are sure to learn to see the beauty and whimsy in everyday life.