divine roosters & angry clowns   is my novel about a group of very quirky strangers — some might even say severely demented — who are thrown together after a calamitous solar storm hits the Earth.

The novel began as a labor of love when after being laid off and tragically discovering I had no employable skill set decided in a near panic to write a book.

It seemed like a good decision at the time since I had always gotten compliments over my well written Twitter tweets and Facebook postings. Naturally, I assumed it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to write a commercially successful novel.

Unfortunately I hit a few initial snags. After several years laying out a detailed outline, setting the scene, developing characters, resolving conflicts, and determining points of view, I had almost finished the first chapter. Needless to say I was gripped with a severe case of writer’s block.

Then fate blessedly intervened. While shopping in Costco one Saturday, the power in the store went out. Standing in the crowded warehouse, my mind turned to how a group of strangers would react if thrown together during an apocalyptic event.

My fevered imagination though took the best of me and I soon came to believe the power outage signaled we may be under an actual terrorist attack, which didn’t seem unreasonable given the perilous times in which we live.

Immediately taking control of the situation, I started screaming “we’re all going die!”, which regrettably set off a large, storewide panicked rush to the exits. Before the hysterical mass of frightened customers had completely cleared the store, the lights came back on.

Several minutes later after calm had been restored, I was targeted by several ungrateful people as the source of the panic. This led to the store management terminating my Costco membership on the spot followed by a forcible exit from the wholesale outlet.

That action didn’t bother me as my mind had conjured up the entire outline of a gripping novel. So, I raced back home and immediately began work on the new book, which was completed in short order.

While divine roosters & angry clowns has since its publication received very good reviews, that literary praise hasn’t translated into book sales. Despite my best efforts, selling books in an overcrowded marketplace has been a challenge to say the least.

My initial strategy to gain readership was to employ an organically grown marketing strategy built on creating a strong foundation with family and friends. Then through them, I would build up links to a wider, greater audience through a very strong, extensive, and interconnected social media platform. Regrettably that effort proved unsuccessful, a failure I have been able to pinpoint to the fact I have no family or friends.

While my subsequent marketing efforts, including an ongoing personalized book tour, have produced checkered results, including several episodic breakdowns and a brief incarceration, I still remain undeterred in my commitment to the success of divine roosters & angry clowns.

Frank Crimi is  the author of divine roosters & angry clownsYou can contact him at frank@writingwithoutanet.com

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